Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adventures in babysitting

Kelsey had to have surgery last week, so Shae got to come over and spend the day with us! Moments after Shae arrived we heard Kate yelling "HELP ME! HELP MEEEE!" I went running to the entryway and saw this.

She is so goofy. (Being the good mom I am, I took the time to snap a picture before I released her)

For all you concerned readers out there, don't worry, Kelsey is on the mend. As you can see, she's a fighter.

(Remember Kelsey, you sent me this picture)

Nail technician prodigy

I was feeding Faith and noticed that Kate was no where in sight, and an eerie silence had fallen upon the household. Worry quickly turned to dread as Kate emerged from my room looking far too pleased with herself. "Mommy! I paint my nails!" I looked in horror at her hands, imagining the mess she must have made, but admitted grungingly to myself that she did a pretty darn good job. I asked her to show me where she had done the painting, and she led me into my bathroom. Everything was put away neat and tidy (well, as neat and tidy as my bathroom gets). I opened the cupboard where I keep the polish, and there it all was in its proper place. I asked Kate to show me which one she used, and she pulled it out. The only thing different about this particular nail polish is that the top was loose. There was no mess. Anywhere. I searched all over my carpeted bathroom, and I couldn't find a speck of nail polish. Impressive, eh?
I'm not sure why we got Kate a basketball hoop for Christmas. Her future is clear, (or "Colorado Crimson," as the case may be).

Monday, February 18, 2008


Kate loves her eyebrows. She is always asking if she can look at them in the mirror. Seeing them gives her great pleasure. Maybe she knows that there was a chance she would end up with the Tingey Unibrow, and she is so delighted that she didn't, that she can't take her eyes off them. (It's really funny to watch her try to look at her eyebrows without the help of a mirror :)

One of Kate's favorite games to play while I'm nursing is Hide and Seek. Either Kate hides, or she hides her Tickle Me Ernie. This is where she hides. Every single time. (Ernie too) My already insufficient acting abilities are being tested to the extreme as I feign surprise when I find Kate or Ernie behind the curtain. Again.

Boondocks is one of our favorite places to play. Kate loves to chase around her buddy Troy.

This was not a good day. I could tell Kate could use some extra TLC (AKA she was being a little monster). I gave it my all, but it seemed like everything fun I tried to do with Kate turned into a disaster. I was getting pretty frustrated, but this incident finally got me laughing. Kate was helping me strip the sheets on my bed (I know, really fun). I left the room to throw them in the washer. When I returned, Kate had found a jar of Vaseline and was generously putting it to good use. She had it all over her hands and was massaging it into her cheeks when she saw me, and told me she was making her cheeks soft. By the time I got the camera, she decided that she didn't want that stuff on her face anymore. It was too yucky.

Motor Boat

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow Play

We headed up to the McCall/Donnelly area for the ice festival and to give Kate her first "playing in the snow" experience. Kate had a great time sledding! Mostly because her mom wasn't out there making sure the men were careful with her. I was left to pound futilely on the window, yelling, "No! No! It's too steep there! Noooooo!" She survived, of course, and they told me she liked it. I wish I could have seen her face though... (I still get hives whenever I go outside for a few minutes. I'm going to get myself a bubble come spring.)

Papa was a trooper, hauling Kate up the hill. Kate was exhausted from being pulled on the sled, and decided to take a nap about half way up.

The Ice Festival was next. There were tons of snow and people! We opted to view the sculptures from the inside of the car.

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day yesterday! I woke up to find not one, but THREE boxes of chocolates next to a bunch of beautiful roses on the table. So guess what I had for lunch yesterday. Chocolate. Faith gave me the ultimate Valentine's gift and slept for 8.5 hours last night!!

We had to get pictures of the girls in their cute heart leg warmers :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Joyous News!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Tagging Victim

Emily tagged me. Which means I'm supposed to tell 6 interesting things about myself on my blog. I considered pretending I didn't see the comment she made informing of me of the tag, because I can never think of anything interesting. But here we go anyway:

1. I am Co-President of the Karen Carpenter Awareness Club (K.C.A.C.). This organization was founded in 1997 by die-hard Karen fans. Our members can be found all over the world, and our numbers are approaching the double digits. We even have a
website. Contact me if you are interested in joining.

2. When I was little I spent most of my free time playing in the abundant dirt behind our house. My friend, Rachel, and I would pretend we were orphans (with British accents) seeking shelter from a twister. My name was always Kaley and Rachel's was
Saline. On days that we found shelter in time, we would open up an emergency veterinary clinic to treat the various animals ravaged by the tornado. I think we finally stopped playing this when we turned 17.

3. I've been told I do a pretty good impression of Elmo.

4. I like to hand quilt. Well, obviously I don't like it enough, or I would have finished my quilt by now. It's been a work in progress since 2000, when hand quilting went through our apartment building like wildfire and we spent far too many hours quilting and watching Pride and Prejudice (the long version). I originally wanted it to be a queen size quilt, but have now decided that I want to do matching twin bed spreads for my girls.

5. Senator Larry Craig took me out to lunch once. One of his people asked me "what is
the one question you've always wanted to ask Senator Craig?" Being a stupid 17-year-old, I said, "Boxers or briefs?" Yup, one of those moments you really wish you could do over. But now after all the bathroom scandal it seems especially weird.

6. I have a prosthetic torso. I was in an off-road unicycle race back in '96. A young
man and I rounded a corner at the same time. He was on the inside and slipped on some sand right into me. We both collapsed in a tangle, and it ended up that my torso was caught in his spokes. I was rushed to the hospital, and unfortunately, I had to have my torso amputated. My first prostheses was Native American, because it was closest to my skin tone, but I later received a Scottish one from my parents as a birthday gift. I especially liked the new one because it could lengthen or shorten as the circumstance required.