Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Other Summer Highlights

While I was in the hospital after Jace was born, Kate and Faith stayed with my mom and dad. When we went to go pick them up, Papa and Kate said they had a surprise for me. We went outside and Kate showed me this:
I was surprised, alright! No training wheels?? Good job, Papa and Kate! She LOVES to ride her bike now, and will have a difficult time parting with it during the winter.

We all went to the Western Idaho Fair (even 2 week old Jace - he loved it) and had a great time! Kate also won a free Taekwondo class at one of the booths. She loves Kung Fu Panda, so I thought she would really enjoy it.

The parents got to watch on a TV screen in a different room. There were lots of "Yes Ma'am!" 's and "HeeeeYAH!" 's. Only Kate said, "HeeeeYah!". She was very quiet, but was smiling most of the time. I asked her how she liked it after it was over, and she said that she didn't. "But you were smiling during the class," I countered.
Kate said, "That's because I didn't want the teacher to feel bad."
Okay, then. At least we got a cute little Tae Kwon Do uniform out of it.

Faith took swimming lessons and had a blast! Sorry, I neglected to take any pictures. But I did get some of Faith's first haircut! Yup, we chopped it off. She twirls her hair into knots while she sucks her thumb. I've had to cut them off so many times that she was developing a mullet. So here she is


"Awww, poor child, don't you have any parents?"

and then


MUCH better.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jace laughed for the first time just a few minutes ago.
It's enough to make me want to compose some really cheesy song.

This boy is an angel. He is the best baby, and I don't know how I got lucky enough to be his mommy! He naps anywhere, sleeps 8+ hours at night, rarely cries, smiles at anyone, and now he giggles too. It's almost too much.