Monday, June 29, 2009

Ta Daaaa!

It wasn't easy to find a picture of the rare Black Elephant baby, but it does exist! (And you can barely tell that it's photoshopped!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We went on TWO road trips in the last week, about 5 hours each. The kids did great, thanks to a constant supply of snacks and a little game I like to call 'Indefinite Questions'. (It's like 20 Questions, but the subject has to be animal, and the number of questions limitless.)

It was Kate's turn to pick the animal, and it took me forever to guess it. In fact, I eventually gave up and had to ask. See if you can do better than I did:

It has 4 legs.

It lives in the jungle.

It's smaller than a horse, but bigger than a dog.

It's black.

It has no fur.

Good luck, I will post the answer sometime in the future, definitely before Halloween. (I'm joking! really, I'm sure I'll do it even before August.) (I like parenthetical expressions (especially nested ones).)

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Birds and the Bees and other funnies...

3 whole funny things happened in the same day yesterday, and that's worthy of documentation.

1. Kate had her end-of-preschool swim party. The one little boy in her class, Tayson, had some trouble getting his swimsuit up a couple of times. Toddlers love to be naked, so I didn't care or think much of it. But during the drive home it became apparent that Kate had thought much of it. After driving for a few minutes, I hear,

"Hey Mommy, Tayson has a silly bum where his pee pee comes out! Why does he have that?"

Me: "Because he's a boy."

Kate: "How come boys have those and girls don't?"

Me: "God made boys and girls different so that they can make families together. If there were only girls, there would be no babies. Only a mommy and daddy together can have a baby."

At this point she fell silent, and after such expert explaining, I assumed we wouldn't have a conversation like this again for at least 15 years. Then she asked,

"Why do bums have to have families?"

??? So much for my expert explanation.

2. Mike so kindly came home from work early yesterday so I could get to class on time. Kate had an ouchie on her leg, so I put some ointment on it and she was running around in a shirt and panties. She was in this state when Mike came home, and I rushed out the door. Well, as it happened, Mike's friend became a US citizen yesterday and there was a party in his honor. Mike went and took the kids. When I got home from class, I found out he never put pants on Kate. When I asked why not, he said he thought the shirt was just a really short dress or something :)

3. Yesterday was my first day teaching a summer Spanish class. It is a very small class, and I forced them all to sit in the front row. About halfway through, we took a break. I went to the bathroom and discovered that my fly was WIDE open. No wonder they were so reluctant to sit in the front row.