Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kate the Great

The other night I went into Kate's room to check on her before I went to bed. I didn't see her in her bed, so I looked in her favorite sleeping places, i.e. behind the door, under the bed, in the closet. She wasn't in any of those places, so I started to get nervous. I was about to flip on the light when I finally noticed this:

In the dark, she just looked like a pile of clothes! I wish I could just fall asleep anywhere like that. Kate is just cracking me up more and more everyday. As I speak, she is licking her finger and adjusting her hair. I've never done that to her! Where does she learn this stuff? Here are some of her latest comments that keep me laughing:

Daddy has hairy arms. He's a good man.

Girls don't eat meat.

My bum's not working! (while trying to go potty)

I started putting big girl panties on Kate a few days ago and she is doing great! I finally discovered what works. They have to be panties with some character on them. (Elmo, the little mermaid, etc). This character says to Kate (in my voice) "Oh Kate, please don't go pee pee on me!" And suddenly, what couldn't be done with bribes of candy and toys, is done! My favorite part is that she often holds conversations with her panties, doing her voice and the character's voice. Yes, this may again lead to social problems later in life, but for now I love it :)