Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring time!

The green thumb I never had.

"I really couldn't say why the plant is dying mom. It's obviously not an issue with watering, because as you can see, I water just fine."

After weeks of intensive training with Grandpa Tingey, we have fortuitously captured the fruits of their labors on camera!

1... 2...

3!! And we officially have lift off! (with one foot at least)

Tadaaaaa! (thanks Grandpa)

Friday, March 16, 2007

I love to see the temple

We had Family Home Evening at the temple on Monday. The flowers are just beautiful, and it wasn't too chilly! The temple always makes me so thankful for my wonderful family.

Please take this opportunity to rest your head on your left shoulder.
(the pictures would not upload correctly)


A Medly

Kate loves doggies and babies.

Kate and I went to the library to play and read, and I unwittingly got out a bag of crackers. Soon, I had a little circle of beggars around my knees!

Below, Kate is calmly explaining to the other children that the crackers are in her mom's lap, which would obviously make them Kate's crackers, and that it was time for them to go play elsewhere.

There's Kate, on the phone, on the guitar case, again.

Kate was contentedly eating her yogurt, so I popped into the computer room to write an email. Then I heard the tell tale "uh-oh." I rush into the kitchen to find Kate in a sea of Kix (I forgot to get the floor in the picture). I had to laugh at how proud she was of herself :)

What do you mean, "use your spoon"? Who would ever eat yogurt with a spoon!? Rediculous.

Our Missionary

We took these pictures the night before my brother Kevin went into the MTC. He has been there for a month and a half now, and he leaves in a little over 2 weeks! And where is he going??? Argentina of course! He will be the 3rd Tingey to go there. He is going to Buenos Aires.

We love getting Kevin's letters. He is already a great missionary, and will only get better. Aguante Argentina!

Exposure to the Arts

This was Kate's first attempt at finger painting. As you can see, I believe we have uncovered some astounding raw talent. Look at the symmetry of the red heart, for example. Kate created it COMPLETELY unaided. No help whatsoever. However, because she really just wanted to eat the paint, we have decided to encourage her artistic endeavors with colored pudding.


Every Wednesday and Thursday, Kate and I go to Gymboree. Gymboree gives "mommy and me" classes in music, art, signing, movement, etc. Wed. is our gym class, and these are pictures of our Thursday music class! We sing and play musical instruments and have a blast. Kate has a boyfriend named Shae (he is in the orange shirt) and they are so funny together! Our teacher, Miss Danielle, makes the class. She is so good with the kids, and she is always cracking me up :) It has been fun watching Kate learn how to climb, make baskets, and fall on her face and take it like a man.

Grandpa Garrett comes to work. I mean visit!

Grandpa came up from Salt Lake to play with Kate, and work on our Eagle Glen townhouse remodel! We are so lucky to have such helpful grandpa's!

Fun with Uncle Marsh

Uncle Marshall came to visit last weekend! Kate LOVES to play with Uncle Marsh.

"Go ahead Kate, put your face in that hole. It's perfectly safe..."