Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Kids

Faith woke up feeling very benevolent today. Before we went down to breakfast the girls needed to clean up their room. Faith started hanging up her shirts, and then Kate's shirts too! While she was doing this, Kate approached Faith with her reindeer.

[A side note on Faith's reindeer. She is a Build a Bear reindeer and has a button that, when pushed, says: "Hi! I'm Clarisse!" Faith disregarded this and named her Rosabella. She doesn't like the name "Grease" (Clarisse). She is a bit miserly with Rosabella, which makes Kate long to play with her even more. Kate also continues to call Rosabella 'Clarisse' and it really annoys Faith.]

Kate then hopefully asked, "Faith, may I please play with Rosabella?" (she was careful to use the right name)

Faith considered aloud, "Hmmm, I don't know... Maybe..... Yes."

Kate delightedly hugged and kissed Faith, and started playing with Rosabella. Faith was obviously feeling pretty good about being generous, so after some more thought, she added:

"And you can call her Grease."


This little guy learned how to go down the stairs today! He LOVES climbing up, but when it comes to going down, he would really rather hover or float down. This morning he embraced the law of gravity and slid down on his belly. When he got to the bottom, he game himself an enthusiastic applause.