Saturday, November 8, 2008


My awesome friend Kelsey hooked us up with some tickets to Disney on Ice last night, so Kate and I went. When I told her it would be just the two of us, she asked with concern, "But where is Faith going to live?"
We talked about what characters we might see there, and when I mentioned the Little Mermaid, Kate insisted on taking her Little Mermaid panties. No, not wearing them. She wanted to bring them, so the Little Mermaid could watch too. I suggested she at least put them in a bag, and handed her a Tinker Bell bag. She came back downstairs with the bag packed. The contents? Little Mermaid panties, another pair of generic panties, chap stick, and 2 sets of leg warmers. That's my girl.
When the show started, Mickey and Minnie were the first ones out. Kate waved to Minnie for a full 3 minutes. We had purchased some nachos, simply because I had $6.50 burning a hole in my pocket. Kate had a nacho about 3/4 of the way to her mouth when the Princesses came out on the ice. The nacho was frozen in place, her mouth still hanging open. The nacho only finally moved when the now human Beast whipped Belle up into an amazing lift, and Kate began to clap ecstatically (nacho still in hand), flinging cheese sauce all over. She resumed eating at the intermission.
I wish I could have watched Kate's face during the performance, but she was on my lap the whole time. (she is still not quite heavy enough to hold down the seat on those flip up chairs) But I'm quite certain she enjoyed it. Thanks Kelsey!