Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Moments to remember...

I just went to brush my teeth, but found only emptiness where my toothbrush should have been.  I asked my dear children what had happened to it.  Jace piped up, "I took it!" [without remorse]

Me: Why?

Jace: For my hair experiment. [runs his hand through his hair]

Time for a new toothbrush.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Funnies Come in Pairs

1. Kate will curse my name for sharing this, but so be it.  It must be recorded.
I was doing her hair before school the other morning when she suddenly, and very loudly, cut the cheese.  Let's add lengthily to that list of adverbs.
Appalled, I said, "Kate! Come on!"
Then she sang, "Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried."  

You've got to give her props for comedic timing.  (Those are lyrics from a song in Frozen.  If you don't have young girls in your home, you may have not heard it 5 billion times yet.)

2. While reading a book about chickens and eggs, I asked Jace, "What's your favorite way to eat eggs?"

Jace: "Using forks.  Dat's my favorite."

Wait, spring?

The last few days have been BEAUTIFUL!  My daffodils are 6 inches high and it's still February!  I know it won't last, but that's okay!  We love it!  

We went to the zoo after kindergarten and brought Faith's buddy Braiden.

We had a wonderful time with all the fake animals, which are always more popular than the real ones.  This was Brighton's first interactive trip to the zoo!  She could actually walk around, pet goats, eat bark, etc.

On the first day of semi-warm weather, I took the kids for a walk to the mailboxes.  Brighton almost exploded with excitement at being outside.  I hadn't realized it had been so long since she got to play outside.  The stroller could barely contain her waving arms and kicking legs.  She alternated between giggles and squeals of delight the whole way there.  It was precious. :)


We have had the coldest and snowiest winter I can remember here.  But we made the most of it!

The white snow, bright sunshine, unskilled photographer, and abundant winter gear make it hard to see who these people are, but I assure you, these are not stock photos.  They are various family members.

When simply allowing gravity to take you down the hill isn't thrilling enough, you can use 2 uncles and a rope to catapult you down the hill and halfway across the [mostly] frozen lake!

Monday, February 17, 2014

We could all use a little more Faith

We just finished a very delicious dinner (thank you Pad Thai House take out!).  I ordered the kids' favorite: Pad See Ew.  As Kate was helping herself to thirds, she said,

"I'm a bottomless pit when it comes to Pad See Ew!"

Faith asked what that meant, and we explained.  Once she grasped the meaning of the expression, she said,

"I'm not a bottomless pit.  I'm a bottom pit."  

Well said, Faith.

This talk of bottoms reminds me of another Faithism.  She got Little Orphan Annie for Christmas and all the kids love it and quote from it often.  They haven't watched it enough to quote it very accurately, but that makes it all the more fun.  A little while ago I overheard Faith singing:

"The sun'll come out, tomorrow...  Put your backside up until tomorooooow..."

It seems that idioms containing the word 'bottom' are rather tricky.  I'm sure Faith will eventually get to the backside of them.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Setting the Bar Low

It's only Wednesday and I'm already running out of dinner ideas, so tonight I made scrambled eggs and toast.  The kids came downstairs and beheld the banquet on the table with glee.  Then Faith exclaimed,

"Scrambled eggs!!!  And NOT-burned toast!?!?  That's my favorite kind!!!  Thanks Mom!!"

These are the moments that make all the extra effort of not burning the toast worth it.