Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Mother Zucchini Has Landed

While we were moving, I kind of neglected my garden and everything got really huge! (especially the weeds)
I have Kate carry a large squash around throughout the day to build up her endurance. This way she will soon be strong enough to help me with chores around the house, like bringing in groceries and mowing the lawn.

Kate loves her Bright Music. There are songs about bubbles and marching and animals, it's great. Her favorite one is called "See Me Run" during which she runs around in circles.

We run around in circles a lot.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mike's Birthday!

We had a picnic in the park for Mike's birthday. Mike didn't know anyone else would be there, and as we walked over to the tables he kept noticing people he knew....
"Hey, look at that, Laura and Ryan are here. And I think that's Scott and Jaime over there. That's weird... wait a minute..."
So it was hard to turn the lights out in the park so everyone could appropriately yell SURPRISE! , but Mike was still surprised to see some of his buddies there :)
We had a really good time, and got to talk to Emily on the phone during the party because she had her little boy Drew! So now Drew and his uncle Mike share birthdays!

Kate and Luke liked to steal other people's food and drinks while we were busy gabbing. Luke was SO cute with Kate. He showed her how to roll down hills and would hold her hand or put his arm around her everywhere they went.

In case you were wondering where Mike was in the first picture.
Are we surprised?