Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yay! I love Halloween! We had a fun month of Halloweeny things! It was Faith's first year of trick-or-treating, and she handled it like a pro.

Kate was Cinderella, here with Kaylynn and Iverson (whose costumes are obvious). I went the cheapskate route and had Kate wear a costume I had when I was 4:

The dress was still in pretty good shape, and with a little love from the hot glue gun, it looked as good as new!

Faith was supposed to go as a witch, but refused to put the costume on. I decided to steal my friend's idea and dress her up as an 80's aerobics instructor (thanks Amber!)

Faith kept wanting to wear this weird tent-like holiday dress instead of spandex. Are we even related??

Kate's preschool Halloween party was at our house. Kate just loves her preschool buddies! All the younger siblings were old enough to participate too, so it was lots of fun!

Shaylee likes cupcakes!

Tayson's scary face

Faith and her owl cupcake. Check out those prominent brows. (the owl's of course)

Kate dressed as a princess with very poor hygiene.

The whole gang!

At the end of the party, they went trick-or-treating around the house. Being the responsible adult that I am, I examined and sampled each treat before letting the kids have them.