Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So you think you can dance? I KNOW I can dance.

My new niece Anberlin!

Proud parents Greg and Jacqui

I like blackberries!

I don't like asparagus.

Mike is home!!

Mike's job sent him to Italy for a week, and he got back in the wee hours of Saturday morning! We were SO excited to have him home! (not excited enough to go pick him up from the airport, though. His kind father did that for us :) Thanks Bill!)

Mike had to work most of the time he was there, but he and a group of co-workers did get to visit some ruins on their last day.

He got a lot of great shots of the ruins and the countryside, but, unfortunately, the only close up of Mike was him testing out an ancient commode. Nice.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Panty Chronicles

The Little Mermaid panties have been Kate's favorites by a long shot, but she only has 3 pair. I tried to find more, but alas, there were none in her size. So we settled for Tinkerbell. Kate's never seen Peter Pan, but hey, she hadn't seen The Little Mermaid either. So today we busted out Tinkerbell for her maiden voyage. Kate slipped them on, then proceeded to introduce Tinkerbell to the family.

"Tinkerbell, this is my sister, Faith. That's Sam the Dog. Tinkerbell, you need to stay right on my bum, ok? You just hold still, and I won't go pee pee on you."

I don't think Tinkerbell would still look so confident if she could chat with the now soaking wet Little Mermaid...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kate had me laughing so many times today, I have to record them all so I don't forget! I love 2 year olds!

She started off the morning telling me how coow everything was. "Dat's weawy coow, Mom." (really cool)

I tried following her into the bathroom to provide moral support as she tinkled, but she said, "Don't come in, Mommy. I need to be privacy."

On the way home from swim lessons, she looked SO sleepy. I told her we needed to get her home to take a nap, to which she emphatically replied: "No, I not tired. I just yawny."

We were singing "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" and she was singing weird nonsense words. I asked what she was doing. She said she was singing in Spanish.

Right after we finished our FHE activity, she said, "I want to be all nakey, then I can eat some ice cream!" What?!

We were walking outside this evening as it was getting dark. Kate said she was scared because it was dark. Then she spotted a young man in the distance. She pointed at him and said, "Him's not scared, cause him's a man. Him can save me. Him's gonna say "Urrrrrrrr," like dat, and scare the monster away and save me."

"I not one, I two! I very two!"

Love my girls!