Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ye ought to wash one another's feet...

The other day I was nursing Brighton upstairs while the kids played a complicated game involving fire fighters and something else, probably a princess.  Faith sat down beside me with her fire hat still on and started brushing my hair.  I told her how sweet I thought that was, and she said that she could be my fire fighter servant.  Who doesn't need one of those??

She then propped my feet up on some pillows, and started massaging them!  What a sweetheart, right?  She left the room and reappeared with a damp washcloth and proceeded to wash my feet.  It made me think of the woman who washed Jesus' feet, and how he washed his friends' feet, and I felt a lot of tenderness and love for my sweet daughter, and told her so.

Jace saw what was going on and ran and got a washcloth himself.  It was sopping wet, so I asked Kate if she'd wring it out.  She did, and Jace began to wash my feet, and then Faith's.

I was counting my lucky stars that I have such great kids as I took Jace's washcloth back into the bathroom to wring it out all the way.  Then I noticed the puddles on the bathroom floor.  They led, you guessed it, to the toilet.