Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just sittin.

Faith has started sitting up!

K8 + Orlanda = BFF

Kate walked over to my guitar (Orlanda) one day, put her arm around the neck and said, "Dat's my best friend." I can see already that the social scene in middle school may not be a walk in the park for young Kate. Inanimate objects as best friends seldom boost popularity.

Kate and Orlanda, performing one of Kate's favorite (and most frequently sung) songs.

(Poop it out, 1 2 3, and now we can count to 3 (sung on the toilet))

Looks like we are going to be here a while...

Since our house (along with the other 25 houses for sale in our neighborhood) probably won't sell anytime soon, I decided to paint Kate's room. Then I thought, why not put a giant tree sticker on the wall too? I'm on a roll now, and the craftiness is practically oozing from my pores. I just finished staining a bunch of frames for Faith's room, and I don't think it would be a stretch to predict that Kate's window may someday be graced with a valence.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hair Cuts

I finally decided to do something about Kate's mullet. We went to a place called Monkey Doos to get it evened out. It is a really cool place for kids. You get to sit in cars and watch movies while they cut your hair, and when they finish, they spray your hair with glitter. I was more excited than Kate was. She was pretty anxious to get into one of the cars, but when the stylist (Tonya) tried to put the cape thing on her, Kate panicked. I ended up having to hold a screaming Kate as Tonya cut her hair. I was impressed at how even it came out with all that squirming. And as you can see, Kate is now mullet-free.

I went and got a "mom cut." I'm approaching 30, so I figure it's about time. However, I do not intend to start wearing "mom jeans." If any of you see me in them, give me a good kick to the backside.