Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome Year of the Goat!

So Chinese New Year happened.  It's a big deal here that lasts 2 weeks.  This year's mascot is a goat/ram, which just happens to be my Chinese zodiac sign!  I thought this was pretty cool until I found out that every year your animal comes up will be an unlucky year.  However, one can stave off this unluckiness by wearing something red that was given to you by an elder.  So feel free to hook me up, older friends and relatives!

I took the kids to China town to see all the decorations and hopefully catch a lion dance.  It was a mad house.  They closed several streets to accommodate the masses, but many cars didn't like it, so the tried to drive down the streets anyway.  Usually in "man vs. car" the car wins, but "car vs. hoards of people" results in a stalemate with a lot of honking and yelling but no movement.
So I took some pictures and got out of there. Behold:

Kate and Faith's Chinese teacher helped them make some New Year decorations.
For CNY day, we went to the zoo and watched a lion dance:
Probably the kids' favorite part of CNY is that adults hand out little red envelopes filled with money to kids.  :)


Fran English said...

I love that the children are learning Chinese! Do they like their teacher? She looks friendly.