Monday, February 9, 2015

Javan Mynah

This bird is everywhere in Singapore.  Not this exact one.  It's not like he travels the island with lightning speed.  But about a million birds just like him are everywhere.  I hope that's clearer.  Brighton is constantly shouting "TWEET TWEET!!" everywhere we go.  They are pretty used to humans and seem relatively harmless.  Until today.
Today we witness our first act of gang violence in Singapore. 
We were just sitting at the table, doing some homework, when suddenly we heard what sounded like a flock of birds enter our house.  They were actually just outside the window on the patio, but they were LOUD.  We went to see what was happening, and I could scarcely believe what I saw. 
About 8 of these birds were in a group.  One was being pinned to the ground by 2 other birds, and another bird was beating the tuna salad out of him.  The rest were gathered around to watch.  It looked like they were going to kill the poor little guy, so we ran out there yelling and waving our arms.  They all flew away, including the beaten one, so he must have been okay.
Brighton yelled at the fleeing birds and summed up what we were all feeling:
"Bad tweet tweet!"


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Way to go, Brighton. You tell 'em!