Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Boy

Jace has probably had the hardest time with our move to Singapore, with him declaring almost daily that "This is the worst day of my life!!"  

But this afternoon has been pretty great. I hopped in the pool with Jace and Brighton to give him a "swimming lesson."  I started out having him swim from one side to the other, just to see if he could make it.  He thrashed around, face in the water, slowly making his way to the side.  I lifted him up about 3/4 of the way through because it looked like he was really struggling. As soon as he gulped in some air, he said, "Whoa! I am really good at this!!"   I love his confidence. ☺️

 Jace loves going under water and today he discovered diving for stuff.  I helped push him to the bottom over and over again to retrieve rocks, loose tiles, used band aids, you name it. 

After the hundredth time doing this, Jace surfaced gasping for breath and declared:

"THIS... [wheeze, splutter] IS THE BEST...  [cough] DAY... [choke] OF MY LIFE!!

That just warmed my heart.  I love that boy so much.  

After we were done and he had changed into his clothes, he came to me and said that his nipples hurt.  I explained that was probably from his rash-guard being wet and rubbing against them.  He then said he wished he had a rash guard for swim trunks, because he doesn't have nipples on his legs. 


Beth said...

HahahahašŸ˜‚ glad he had a good day!!!!!!!!!!

middledavis said...

Funny boy. I miss you guys so much!