Monday, July 19, 2010

Jam on it

In celebration of Mike's birthday a few weeks ago, I wanted to do something memorable, something out of the ordinary. And I wanted it to be a surprise. With some help from my awesome cousin Tenielle, it came to me.

Roller Derby

When we walked up to the Qwest Arena, Mike thought we were going to a basketball or hockey game. Luckily, he didn't notice the plethora of girls in short skirts and fishnets hanging around the building. Even as we walked inside and he saw a bunch of them handing out programs, he assumed they were the half time show. Then we entered the arena and saw this:

He was very surprised. Mission accomplished!
After a short video explaining the rules, the bout began. Unfortunately, our team got their fish nets handed to them. I think the final score was 71 to 174. Ouch. But it was still a blast to watch! And if I weren't so very pregnant, I would be all over this sport.
Here are my favorites from the evening:
Favorite jammer: Candy Assassin (she scored most of the team's points)
Favorite name: Crash McCrasherson (simply because it reminds me of my friend Angie:))
Favorite moment: When Fire Hazard burst out of the penalty box and took out not only the other team's best jammer, but two refs to boot!
Favorite Ref: Bipola Lola (because you're never too old to wear your underwear over your tights.)

Now for a few tips to help your next derby experience be safe and enjoyable:

If you go to the Treasure Valley Roller Girls website, it says that you can purchase tickets ahead of time at a number businesses. One of the suggested businesses is "Discreet Secrets". I strongly discourage buying your tickets here for 2 reasons:

1. The contents of this store in no way resemble nor approach any definition of the word "discretion".

2. The cashier informed me that they are not selling derby tickets this year.

I ended up going to Need to Bead, which was a much more family friendly and helpful place to buy the tickets, and I didn't even need to soak my eyeballs in bleach afterward!

Here's to hoping we'll see you at the Spud Town Smack Down in September!

Guest blogger

Check out this video on Mike's blog. This spells trouble. From here on out we are going to be pushing sports. Heavily.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something is missing...

Mike and I were in the car the other day when I looked down at my right leg, which was resting on my left knee, and noticed that my ankle had disappeared. I asked Mike to verify that my ankle was, in fact, gone, and he said, "Whoa! It's like Strong Sad!" and I couldn't help but bust up laughing. For my friends that do not know him, I give you...

Unlike Strong Sad, I do not mourn the loss of my ankles. The arrival of cankles can only mean that the man child is coming soon! 3 or 4 more weeks! (The coolness of his name will be determined by how late/early he comes. That's right, it's all up to you man child.)
*On a side note*
I told my dad about the tent when he got back in town. He put the tent up himself to find out what the problem was, and it looked just like mine. Ha! Turns out there was a POLE MISSING! At this time I will graciously accept apologies from all scoffers and ridiculers.